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Yuriko Yano

Assistant Research Professor

Department: Ecology

University System: Montana State University - Bozeman


Professional Summary:

My general interest in ecological studies is to understand the biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nutrients at plot, watershed, and global scales. In particular, I am interested in the controls of soil mineralogy, hydrology, and vegetation type on biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nutrients, the land-water interaction via biogeochemical cycling, and the long-term effects of human-caused changes (e.g., land-use change, pollution, and global warming) on the natural biogeochemical cycles and the function of watersheds, including riparian systems. Through volunteer co-lecturing at an environmental liberal arts college in Wisconsin and as an Air Quality Specialist of Anchorage Air Quality Program, Alaska, I have also gained enthusiasm and confidence in reaching out to the public and working to raise public awareness for critical environmental issues.

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