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Divide and Conquer: Embracing Natural Discontinuity to Provide a More Scalable and Applicable Hydrologic Understanding of Montana Streams and Watersheds
If a Tree Falls in the Forest, Who Cares? The Case of the Whitebark Pine
Large Dam Removals as Experiments in Fluvial Geomorphology and River Resilience
Dynamics of Infectious Diseases: From Landscapes to Molecules
Frontiers in Fluvial Ecogeomorphology: Ecological Interactions, River Flow, and Erosion
The Discovery of Environmental Escherichia coli and its Potential Impact on Environmental Health
Ecohydrology of a Conifer Forest in the Western U.S.: Climate and Topographic Influences on Transpiration, Productivity, and Nutrient Cycling
A Strategy for Sustainable Change in Alaskan Ecosystems and Society
American Prairie Reserve: How to Build a Park the Size of Connecticut in Northeastern Montana
Vocal Communication in Wolves and Cats: Cooperation and Cognition in Wild Predators
The Influence of Changes in the Natural and Built Environment on Population Dynamics in Greenland
Planning for the Effects of Climate Change on Natural and Human Systems