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Scott Miller


Department: Division of Biological Sciences

University System: University of Montana - Missoula


Professional Summary:

Research: We take an integrative approach to address central questions in evolution and ecology regarding the origins, maintenance, and distribution of biodiversity, and its impacts on ecosystem structure and function, with a particular emphasis on temperature adaptation of cyanobacteria along environmental gradients.

Education: I rotate through the General Microbiology course and associated laboratory. In addition, I have developed a graduate course in molecular phylogenetics and an innovative general education course that uses Yellowstone hot springs as a model to illustrate the interdependence of geology, chemistry, and biology.

Engagement: We are committed to integrating education and research through mentoring and outreach at diverse levels (graduate, undergraduate, high school, elementary). I also developed and have taught an annual field-based course for college and high school instructors on the biology and geology of Yellowstone hot springs through the NSF Chautauqua Workshop program.

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