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Jessica Mitchell


Department: Spatial Analysis Lab

University System: Montana Natural Heritage Program - Missoula


Professional Summary:

Jessica Mitchell joined the Spatial Analysis Lab as director in 2018. Her interests combine remote sensing with environmental assessment experience to advance new techniques for analyzing impacts and land management decision making. She is currently evaluating methods for scaling vegetation structure, canopy chemistry, and biodiversity variables from leaves and individuals to plots, landscapes, and regions. Some of the data she works with are traditional plot-based measurements; ground and airborne laser scanning (lidar) and reflectance spectroscopy estimates; and time-series satellite observations. Vegetation applications include mapping plant chemistry and forage quality; linking plant diversity across trait, species, functional and environmental variables; developing scalable high-resolution shrub structure products; coordinating teams to quantify the impacts of habitat decline on environmental and socio-economic resources, and advancing spectral digitization of plant collections

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