New Acoustic Atlas Project Highlights the Sounds of Montana Ecosystems

Acoustic Atlas

A new project from the Acoustic Atlas highlights the various sounds and noises found in four of Montana's major ecosystems. The project, titled "Sounds of the Wild West," allows users to scroll through an online Story Map and learn about different features of each ecosystem, including the flora, fauna, and humans that live there, along with a sound bite accompanying the text description. The four highlighted areas include the Crown of the Continent, Upper Missouri, High Plains, and Greater Yellowstone Ecosystems.

From the website:

"Every ecosystem has its voice. In some ways, natural sound is an undiscovered country. Every time you hear the wilderness, you are hearing it for the first time. One day you might hear a red-winged blackbird singing as the wind rustles the reeds around it. That night, the call of a coyote may ring out against a backdrop of chirping crickets as you fall asleep in your tent. These soundscapes are as rich and diverse as the natural spaces in which you'll find them....Since 2013, the Acoustic Atlas has collected sounds throughout Montana and the West. The archive is based at the Montana State University Library and has become one of the premier online collections of natural sounds in the United States."


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