IoE Rough Cut Science:

Mental Health Challenges Associated with Climate Change and Climate-Related Work: Strategies from the Field

Date: Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Speaker(s): Dr. Jennifer Robohm, Dr. Hayley Blackburn


Dr. Jennifer Robohm

Dr. Jennifer Robohm

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Robohm is a clinical psychologist and faculty member for the Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana (FMRWM), within the University of Montana College of Health. She trains family medicine residents and doctoral students in clinical psychology who will be serving rural and underserved communities in Montana. Dr. Robohm is passionate about the physical and mental health impacts of climate change. She participated in the Yale School of Public Health’s “Climate Change and Health Certificate Program” in 2019-2020, and she is currently attending the Bloomberg Johns Hopkins School of Public Health as a Bloomberg Fellow. Dr. Robohm is studying ways to integrate climate change into health professions training curricula, and strategies for enhancing adaptation and promoting resilience in Montana’s communities in the face of climate change.

Dr. Hayley Blackburn

Dr. Hayley Blackburn

Clinical Pharmacist

Dr. Hayley Blackburn is a clinical pharmacist and Assistant Professor at the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy within the University of Montana College of Health. She trains students in pharmacy and other health professions through interprofessional didactic coursework and experiential learning, including global health and planetary health experiences, and directs a postgraduate fellowship program to train early career pharmacists in providing pharmacy care in rural Montana. She is passionate about health professions education and multidisciplinary approaches to training, particularly at the intersection of climate change, environment, and human health.