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Robert Crabtree

Head Scientist

Department: Ecosystem & Conservation Sciences

University System: Yellowstone Ecological Research Center -


Professional Summary:

Dr. Crabtree is the Founder and Chief Scientist of the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center (YERC) and has been conducting ecological research in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for nearly 20 years. With a strong belief in collaborative research and education, he has crafted 47 MOUs, MOAs, and CRADAs with universities and federal agencies; served as PI on over 50 grant awards; and advised, co-advised, and supervised 41 graduate students and 3 post-docs working in the YERC lab in Bozeman. His specialties include ecosystem and landscape ecology (natural, unplanned, and policy experiments), predator-prey relations and behavioral ecology, high-resolution remote sensing of vegetation, and species-habitat and disturbance relations.

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