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Jeff Kershner

Biologist Emeritus

Department: Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

University System: USGS - Bozeman


Professional Summary:

For most of my career, I’ve worked on a variety of issues that are related to the effects of land management practices on aquatic and riparian resources. My past research includes work on native salmonids in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming, explores various aspects of aquatic and riparian resource monitoring, and looks at fire effects on streams and riparian areas. Currently, I’m the Director of the USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center and an affiliate faculty at Montana State University where I oversee a research group of biologists and ecologists that address natural resource issues including global climate change, fire ecology, fish and wildlife ecology, plant ecology, and the conservation of endangered species. In my past position, I was an aquatic ecologist for the USDA Forest Service and a research professor at Utah State University.

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