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Gordon Luikart


Department: Flathead Lake Biological Station

University System: University of Montana - Missoula


Professional Summary:

My general research interests are in conservation biology, population genetics, and ecology (view C.V.). My primary research focus is the application of genetics to the conservation of natural and managed populations (video). I work at FLBS and in the Montana Conservation Genomics Laboratory (MCGL) at the University of Montana (UM) with my colleagues, Fred Allendorf, Robb Leary, Andrew Whiteley, Steve Amish, Brian Hand, Marty Kardos, and others. Our research applies the principles and tools of population genetics to fish, wildlife, and a variety of other species, including invasive species that are threatening native ecosystems and regional economies (AIS video). We have established exchange programs and collaborations between the University of Montana and the University of Porto in Portugal (CIBIO-UP) with Portuguese colleagues (e.g., Albano Beja-Pereira) to promote international education, research, and conservation. We have exciting projects with Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (e.g., Matt Boyer), US Geological Survey (Clint Muhlfeld, Ryan Kovach, Adam Sepulveda), National Marine Fisheries Service (Robin Waples), and the US Forest Service (Mike Schwartz, Beth Gardner). We develop and apply novel field sampling methods, DNA typing techniques, and data analysis approaches to understand landscape connectivity, adaptation to climate change, invasive species control (including pathogens), and the negative effects of inbreeding depression and hybridization on individual fitness and population viability. For more information, visit our Research project pages.

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