wildlife biology

Breuner, Creagh

Associate Professor
Organismal Biology and Ecology
The University of Montana - Missoula

There is intrinsic conflict between survival and reproduction. This conflict can be viewed from the pace of life framework (an ultimate view), trading off many offspring per year over a short life vs. few per year over a longer life; it can also be viewed from a resource utilization perspective (a proximate view), increasing current reproductive effort vs. self maintenance. In general, outside of individual quality arguments, there is an inverse relationship between reproduction and survival. How is this conflict mediated within individuals?

Graves, Tabitha

Research Ecologist
Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

I answer applied research questions at the intersection of wildlife biology, landscape ecology, and statistics. My work falls under three broad themes: (1) understand the influence of humans and associated land use impacts on wildlife distributions, densities, and related processes at local and landscape scales, (2) develop new analytical tools that address the influence of landscape features on animals at the sub-population and population scales, and (3) improve efficiency of research and monitoring through optimal study design.

Hebblewhite, Mark

Assistant Professor
Wildlife Biology
The University of Montana - Missoula

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Lukacs, Paul

Assistant Professor
Department of Ecosystem Sciences/Wildlife Biology Program
University of Montana - Missoula

My research interests center on the development and application of quantitative methods to ecological problems, primarily in wildlife population dynamics. I strive to connect ecological theory to wildlife management problems and in doing so improve wildlife management and test ecological theory. I employ a combination of empirical field studies, statistical model development and software development to answer ecological questions and provide tools for conservation practitioners.

Mills, L. Scott

Wildlife Biology Program
University of Montana

L. Scott Mills has been a Professor in the Wildlife Biology Program at the University of Montana since 1995. He has received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development award, has testified to the US Congress, contributed to the 2007 IPCC Report, served on the Western Governor’s Association panel for climate change and wildlife, and was a John Simon Guggenheim Fellow.

Mitchell, Mike

Unit Leader
Wildlife Biology
Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit

I and my graduate students do research on large mammals, working on research questions that are of interest to state and federal wildlife management agencies.

Naugle, David

Associate Professor
Wildlife Biology
The University of Montana - Missoula

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Perkins, Alison

Adjunct Faculty
School of Journalism Radio-Television Production
The University of Montana - Missoula

Dr. Perkins' interests lie at the intersection of media and science education. She holds a MS in Wildlife Biology, a MA in Radio-Television Production, and a PhD in Forestry and Conservation from The University of Montana. Her research interests include ecology education, how people learn about science, and sources of ecological knowledge (especially media). Perkins also is an independent producer with The Broadcast Media Center, where she is actively pursuing productions that enhance understanding of ecology and the environment.

Triska, Maggie

Conservation Scientist
Round River Conservation Studies
Round River Conservation Studies

I have a Ph.D. in Restoration Ecology (from the University of Western Australia) and a Masters in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (from Frostburg State University). My research uses statistical/spatial models and field data to improve monitoring systems and better understand the factors that influence species distributions over time - with a management and/or conservation focus. I am predominantly a mammalogist, but I have experience working with reptiles, invertebrates, and plants.


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