traditional ecological knowledge

Atkins, Pam

Math & Science
Blackfeet Community College

Pam Atkins is faculty at Blackfeet Community College

Dunkel, Florence

tenured Associate Professor of Entomology
Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
Montana State University - Bozeman

My research focuses on a systems approach to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, particularly making use of natural products developed by plants for insect management, for example, exploration of use of plant-based products with entomopathogenic fungi for management of insects in Montana irrigated crops and of malaria in West African (Malian) villages. Underlying all of my research is the use of the holistic process and the valuing of traditional ecological knowledge , particularly in addressing issues of rural poverty.

Durtka, Steve

Math & Science
Blackfeet Community College

Steve Durtka is faculty at Blackfeet Community College

Montagne, Cliff

Professor of Soils
Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Montana State University - Bozeman

Professional interests in soil science(pedology or landscape emphasis), geomorphology, plant and animal ecology, land use, traditional ecological knowledge, native science, teaching and learning pedogogies, and holistic decision making. Certified Educator for Holistic Management International.

Education includes BS in Geology, Dartmouth College, MS in Earth Sciences and PhD in Soils at Montana State University.

Thompson, Sally

Dept of Anthropology
The University of Montana - Missoula

I've spent over thirty years working with the native tribes of the Rocky Mountain West. Trained as an anthropologist (Ph.D., CU, Boulder, 1980), I have worked as an archaeologist, ethnographer, and ethnohistorian. My dissertation research focused on assessing human adaptations to climate change at the Plains-Mountain interface of Wyoming and Colorado through the examination of Holocene archaeological data.


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