sustainable agriculture

Bass, Thomas

Livestock Environment Associate Specialist
Animal and Range Sciences
MSU Extension

Mr. Bass’ current responsibilities include providing education and technical assistance to agricultural producers and other stakeholders regarding manure and nutrient management, AFO/CAFO (animal feeding operations) compliance, and general matters of air and water quality related animal agriculture. In addition, Mr. Bass also conducts programming and demonstrated research in sustainable agriculture, agro-security and agro-emergency preparedness.

Goosey, Hayes

Research Scientist
Animal and Range Sciences
Montana State University - Bozeman

My research focuses on how land use influences arthropod populations in relation to ecosystem functioning in agricultural and rangeland settings.

Menalled, Fabian

Associate Professor
Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Montana State University - Bozeman

Our research focuses on understanding the ecological basis of sustainable agriculture and the integrated management of weeds. This program embraces a multi-disciplinary approach to address both basic and applied problems facing the agricultural communities of Montana. The overall goal of our off-campus teaching program is to develop and deliver a research-based educational program addressing local, regional, and national concerns associated with the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of integrated weed management strategies in agronomic crops.

Zabinski, Catherine

Associate Professor
Land Resources & Environmental Sciences
Montana State University - Bozeman

My work in belowground ecology takes place in the context of restoration, comparing disturbed, undisturbed and restored sites; in the context of natural extreme sites, particularly the thermal sites in Yellowstone National Park; and increasingly on questions related to sustainable agriculture. I am interested in mycorrhizal ecology, root system dynamics, plant-microbe interactions, and soil processes including decomposition and nutrient cycling.


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