Byker, Carmen

Assistant Professor
Health and Human Development
Montana State University - Bozeman

Carmen Byker's research, education, and outreach focuses on understanding the public health impacts of sustainable food systems.

Elsass, Kirke

Ph.D. Student
Montana State University

My research focuses on human-stone interaction (including a number of processes like ceramics and concrete - in which products of geologic history have informed human behavior and humans have altered the geologic record). The connections to ecosystem well-being and sustainability come not only through the extraction from ecosystems (quarrying) but also through processing (various energy uses) and implementation (e.g. stone-based barrier creation like dams, highways, or even windows and poured-concrete basements). 

Gannon, Paul

Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Montana State University - Bozeman

My research focuses on high-temperature materials used in advanced energy conversion and chemical processes such as combustion, catalysis, and materials synthesis/separation/purification.

My education efforts focus on materials science and thermodynamics for engineering majors (2-500 level), and energy and environmental science for non-science majors (1-200 level).

Gilbertz, Susan

Assistant Professor

Currently, I teach courses in Geography and Environmental Studies at MSU-Billings, and from Fall 2003 through Spring 2009, I served as the Director of Environmental Studies at MSU-Billings.

Nickerson, Norma

Research Professor and Director
Society and Conservation
Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research

My research interests center around the impacts of tourism (both positive and negative) to the environment and to communities. The state of Montana, so rich in beauty, provides the back-drop for nature based tourism unparalleled anywhere in the United States. My interests center around how to have a viable tourism industry while at the same time sustaining the quality of life and natural resources in the state.

Sanchez Trigueros, Fernando

Affiliate Faculty
University of Montana

My research revolves around the social science aspects of climate change adaptation, sustainability and coupled human-environmental systems in the Rocky Mountain region and the Intermountain Region.

Weaver, David

Associate Professor
Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
MSU - Bozeman

My research focuses on sustaiinable management of agricultural pests. Processes I am interested in are biological control, host plant resistance and chemical ecology. The key pest I work on is the wheat stem sawfly, which cannot be managed using conventional agricultural inputs. Thus concepts like refugia, host suitability and landscape patterns are all of interest.

Plant chemical ecology, particularly secondary metabolites that serve as attractants for pollinators, as well as anti-herbivore and anti-pathogen compounds are also a major area of interest


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