predator-prey relations

Crabtree, Bob

Chief Scientist
Ecosystems and Conservation Sciences
Yellowstone Ecological Research Center

Dr. Crabtree is the Founder and Chief Scientist of the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center (YERC) and has been conducting ecological research in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for nearly 20 years. With a strong belief in collaborative research and education, he has crafted 47 MOUs, MOAs, and CRADAs with universities and federal agencies; served as PI on over 50 grant awards; and advised, co-advised, and supervised 41 graduate students and 3 post-docs working in the YERC lab in Bozeman.

Waller, Sara

Associate Professor
Montana State University

I am interested in philosophy of language and mind with an interest in animal minds. Particularly, I am interested in the relationship between brain architecture, sensory systems, concepts and language, and how to determine semantic content of vocalizations of cooperative predators. Predator well being is an excellent measure of environmental well being -- if predators are scare, it tells us that prey are also scarce, and so some environmental imbalance is afoot.


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