Citizen Scientists help study effects of climate on elk foraging patterns

A group of citizen scientists braved foul weather to help learn about the impact of climate change on elk in the Upper Yellowstone River Basin.

Climate in My Backyard summer camp session immerses kids grades 5–7 in climate and ecosystem science

Dan Vanderpool teaches students about pine beetles.

Whether you ski, float, farm or fish, the climate affects you and your ecosystem – from microbes to entire watersheds. That was the main message conveyed to participants in the June 2013 IoE session of Montana State University’s weeklong Peaks & Potentials camp for high ability kids entering grades 5, 6 and 7.

EPSCoR-supported VISTA member serves Blackfeet community

An AmeriCorps VISTA member supported by Montana EPSCoR is serving the community surrounding Blackfeet Community College, fulfilling the VISTA mission of helping to end poverty with education, and building pathways to higher education for first generation and low-income Montanans.  

Gas, Food and Lodging

Tony Hartshorn presents at STEM: Imagine the Future

IoE affiliate reaches key audiences with concise discussion of the carbon cycle.

Indigenous Research and STEM education

Moses Leavens

Attracting and retaining students in STEM majors, particularly Native students, begins well before they step onto campus. The Indigenous Research and STEM Education (IRSE) department at the University of Montana recognizes this and works to provide interesting opportunities for Native students from middle school through doctoral completion.

Jones, Clain

Associate Professor

Dr. Jones studies nutrient cycling primarily in agroecosystems. His Ph.D. is in environmental soil chemistry.Dr. Jones's appointment is approximately 65% Extension, 20% research, and 15% on-campus instruction. Current research projects evaluate 1) processes and practices that affect nitrate leaching, 2) mixed species cover crops as a fallow replacement, and 3) urea volatilization.

Outreach partnership honored

Living Colors: Microbes of Yellowstone

An educational partnership between the Institute on Ecosystems and the Yellowstone Association received an honorable mention in the Visitors Guide category of the Media & Partnership Awards for the Association of Partners for Public Lands. Living Colors: Microbes of Yellowstone is available in all Yellowstone National Park bookstores to help visitors learn about the abundance of microbial life in the Park and its role in the larger ecosystem.


State Climate Office provides critical info to Montanans

The Montana State Climate Office is online at http://www.climate.umt.edu

The newly established Montana State Climate Office is working to provide targeted water and climate information to the people of Montana.

Taylor, Suzi

Assistant Director, Outreach and Communications
Extended University
Montana State University - Bozeman

As Extended University's assistant director of outreach and communications, I help publicize EU's educational programs (online and face-to-face credit and non-credit programs; workforce and professional development courses; and other learning opportunities for traditional and non-traditional students).

Ward, Tony

Assistant Professor
Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
The University of Montana - Missoula

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