Boyd, Eric

Assistant Research Professor
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Montana State University - Bozeman

The distribution of microorganisms and the functions that they catalyze on Earth today is rooted, at least in part, to the numerous adaptations to occupy discrete ecological niches (e.g., multiplicity of environmental factors characterizing a microenvironment) that have played out over evolutionary time. Such responses are recorded in the extant distributional pattern of organisms, as well as the genetic record of those organisms.

James Meadow

Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Montana State University

Luikart, Gordon

Associate Professor
Flathead Lake Biological Research Station
The University of Montana

Conservation geneticist

Ward, David

Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Montana State University - Bozeman

I am a microbial ecologist interested in understanding the composition, structure and function of microbial communities. My research has been focused mainly on relatively simple hot spring microbial mat communities, which are excellent and very tractable model systems from which to glean fundamentals of microbial community ecology.

Yeoman, Carl

Assistant Professor
Animal & Range Sciences
Montana State University

My research exploits molecular techniques to examine the microbial ecology associated with animal systems. My specific focus is on the microbial ecosystems of the gut and their role in health, nutrition and performance, and those occupying the vaginal tract and their relation to reproductive performance and neonatal health. I believe that microbial ecosystems have an evolved ecology principally governed by their symbioses, as is evident in many systems.


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