Cross, Molly

Climate Change Adaptation Scientist
North America Program
Wildlife Conservation Society

Molly Cross is the Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator for the North America Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Her work focuses on bringing together experts in the fields of climate change, ecology, conservation-planning and land management to translate broad-brush climate change adaptation strategies into on-the-ground conservation actions. Molly is leading scenario-based climate change planning efforts involving government agencies and diverse stakeholders at several landscapes across North America--including the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, northern U.S.

McNew, Lance

Assistant Professor
Animal & Range Sciences
Montana State University

I am a wildlife ecologist who conducts applied and basic research in a variety of ecosystems.

Melissa Bridges

Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Montana State University

Mitchell, Mike

Unit Leader
Wildlife Biology
Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit

I and my graduate students do research on large mammals, working on research questions that are of interest to state and federal wildlife management agencies.

Rice, Peter

Research Ecologist
Division of Biological Sciences
The University of Montana - Missoula

My work focuses on planning and coordination of multi disciplinary studies in applied ecology and resource management with emphasis on invasive plant control, invasive aquatic plants, and native plant community restoration. I often examine the impacts of exotic species on biological diversity. Integrated weed management methods (herbicides, burning, biocontrols, revegetation) alter the competitive interactions between the target weeds and non-target natives. Related work includes exotic plant biogeography and GIS applications in weed management.

Zale, Alexander

Professor and Unit Leader
Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit and Ecology
Montana State University - Bozeman

I lead, coordinate, and administer an applied fisheries research program addressing topics and issues of concern to the State of Montana and the U.S. Department of the Interior. Technical areas of special emphasis include restoration of native fishes, whirling disease, thermal ecology, population dynamics and effects of exotic fishes, and effects of environmental degradation on recreational salmonid fisheries. I advise graduate students and teach a graduate level course entitled Human Dimensions of Fish and wildlife Management.


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