Boyd, Eric

Assistant Research Professor
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Montana State University - Bozeman

The distribution of microorganisms and the functions that they catalyze on Earth today is rooted, at least in part, to the numerous adaptations to occupy discrete ecological niches (e.g., multiplicity of environmental factors characterizing a microenvironment) that have played out over evolutionary time. Such responses are recorded in the extant distributional pattern of organisms, as well as the genetic record of those organisms.

Florentine, Caitlyn

Lab Manager
Earth Sciences
Montana State University - Bozeman

I manage the MSU Paleoecology Lab, headed by Cathy Whitlock. The Paleoecology Lab group studies fire and vegetation history of the Quaternary Period via sediment core charcoal and pollen analysis. My undergraduate degree is from Colorado College in Geology and my M.S. is from MSU in Earth Sciences. My masters thesis project focused on rock glacier distribution, deformation mechanics, and rock glacier ice as a microbial habitat. I continue to be interested in cryospheric processes and alpine environments, particularly glacier mechanics and the role that debris plays in glacial systems.

Moon, Twila

PhD candidate
Earth & Space Sciences
University of Washington

My research focuses on the mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet. Particularly, I am interested in how the hundreds of outlet glaciers around the margin of the ice sheet change. These changes are linked to atmosphere and ocean conditions, and present fascinating questions on 1-km and 100-km scales. Most of my work is conducted using observational data from satellites, so I'm familiar with remote sensing and GIS techniques that have a wide range of applications.

Skidmore, Mark

Associate Professor
Earth Sciences
Montana State University - Bozeman

My research investigates the fundamental role of biogeochemical processes in elemental (C, N, P, S and Fe) cycling in the cryosphere.


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