Beever, Erik

Research Ecologist
Dept. of Ecology
U.S. Geological Survey, Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

After completing my B.S. in Biological Sciences at U.C. Davis and my Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology at Univ. of NV, Reno under Drs. Joel Berger and Peter Brussard, I performed postdoctoral research under Dr. Dennis Murphy (in montane biodiversity) and Dr. David Pyke (in aridlands and rangeland ecologies).

Bowler, Jonathan

Education Program Administrator
Education Program
Swan Valley Connections

Following a passion for the landscapes, communities, and wildlife of the West, Jonathan has worked in a variety of outdoor pursuits including as a researcher for the National Park Service and a field instructor for the Colorado Mountain College.  Professional experiences across the West led Jonathan to pursue graduate education at the University of Wyoming where he earned degrees in Environment and Natural Resources, Planning, and Water Resources focusing on the human dimensions of resource use and management. 

Brookshire, Jack

Assistant Professor
Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Montana State University - Bozeman

My area of expertise is in biogeochemistry and ecosystem ecology. My research emphasizes nutrient
dynamics in forests, atmospheric chemistry, global change, watershed analysis, stable isotope analysis,
field experimentation, and modeling.

Cross, Wyatt

Assistant Professor
Montana State University - Bozeman

Research in my laboratory is devoted to understanding patterns and processes in freshwater ecosystems. In particular, we're interested in the linkages between food web dynamics and ecosystem ecology, with an emphasis on bridging theory and application. We use tools from bioenergetic (e.g., growth, secondary production) and stoichiometric (i.e., content and recycling of essential elements [C:N:P]) frameworks to link species to whole-ecosystem material fluxes, and to examine effects of altered carbon and nutrient regimes on freshwater ecosystem structure and function.

Graetz, Rick

The University of Montana - Missoula

To be completed by applicant

Hu, Jia

Assistant Professor
Montana State University

I have worked in many different ecosystems, from redwood and subalpine forests, to the alpine grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau. However, despite the large ecological and climatic differences among these different ecosystems, I have always been interested in coupling the carbon and water cycles within these systems. At the plant scale, we can couple the water and carbon cycles through measurements of plant water use efficiency; we can also couple these two fluxes at the ecosystem scale through measurements of ecosystem water use efficiency.

Kunkel, Kyran

Senior Scientist
Wildlife Restoration and Science
American Prairie Reserve

Dr. Kyran Kunkel is also an affiliate professor in the Wildlife Biology Program at the University of Montana and a research associate at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. Kyran leads the science program for American Prairie Reserve where we are working in Montana to build and restore the largest wildlife reserve in the lower 48 states. We have countless opportunities and needs to collaborate with science institutions to assess ecological baselines, implement restorations, conduct basic research, monitor system responses and successes, and adapt.

Patten, Duncan

Research Professor
Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Montana State University - Bozeman

research in hydroecology, wetlands and riparian ecosystems of arid and mountain landscapes

Ready, Richard

Agricultural Economics & Economics
Montana State University

Renz, Jeffrey

Clinical Professor of Law
The University of Montana - Missoula

Prof. Renz received his undergraduate (Botany) and law degrees from the University of Montana in 1971 and 1979. From 1971 to 1975 he served in the United States Army, where he completed the Army's Airborne and Ranger Schools and commanded a combat infantry company.

Samantha Caldwell

Division of Biological Sciences
University of Montana

Stanford, Jack

Professor and Director
Division of Biological Sciences
Flathead Lake Biological Station

Jack A. Stanford is the Jessie M. Bierman Professor of Ecology and Director of the Flathead Lake Biological Station at The University of Montana, where he has worked since 1971. The Biological Station is a multi-disciplinary research and education center with 8 resident faculty and 20 staff members, including graduate students and post-doctoral scholars. Professor Stanford is well known internationally for his research on natural and cultural interactions in large river ecosystems. He has published 200 juried papers and books in limnology and ecology since receiving his Ph.D.

Tanya Skurski

Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Montana State University

Valett, H. Maurice

Professor of Systems Ecology
Division of Biological Sciences - Systems Ecology
The University of Montana - Missoula

Dr. H. Maurice Valett is a Professor of Aquatic Biogeochemistry at the University of Montana’s Flathead Lake Biological Station. His research seeks to investigating how the form, abundance, and transformations of critical elements that regulate biological processes are influenced by human and environmental forces. This approach melds physical sciences (chemistry, hydrology, geomorphology) with ecological studies of living components.

Yano, Yuriko

Research Associate

My general interest in ecological studies is to understand biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nutrients at plot, watershed, and global scales. In particular, I am interested in the controls of soil mineralogy, hydrology, and vegetation type on biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nutrients, the land-water interaction via biogeochemical cycling, and the long-term effects of human-caused changes (e.g., land-use change, pollution, and global warming) on the natural biogeochemical cycles and the function of watersheds, including riparian systems.


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