Conservation biology

Debinski, Diane

Professor, Department Head
Montana State University

I conduct research in the fields of conservation biology, landscape ecology, and restoration ecology.  Some of the specific topics of my research include biodiversity preservation, effects of habitat fragmentation, and climate change.  In grasslands, my research has focused on evaluating the use of fire and grazing in the context of managing for plant, bird, and pollinator communities. In montane meadows I have been conducting both observational and experimental studies of community responses to drought and environmental variation.

Dreitz, Victoria

Research Associate Professor
Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences
The University of Montana - Missoula

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Eby, Lisa

Associate Professor
Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences
The University of Montana - Missoula

Each year, I teach Fish Biology, Advanced Fisheries, Research Design, and Special Topics in Aquatic Ecology. I work to collaborate with management and conservation agencies to identify key questions and unknowns in our scientific understanding that is critical for management decisions. My research involves a range of projects.

Foresman, Kerry

Professor of Biology and Wildlife Biology
Division of Biological Sciences
The University of Montana

My primary research interests fall in the realm of mammalian ecology/physiology. I have studied the reproductive biology a numerous mammalian species (soricids, ursids, mustelids) and have directed studies on the reintroduction of sensitive and threatened species (fisher, swift fox, black-tailed praire dogs) as well as disease ecology studies (e.g., plague, relapsing fever). My recent book, Mammals of Montana, summarizes information on all 109 of Montana's mammal species and is used as a reference source for agency personnel as well as K-12 programs. I received my Ph.D.

Martin Kardos

Division of Biological Sciences
University of Montana

Mills, L. Scott

Wildlife Biology Program
University of Montana

L. Scott Mills has been a Professor in the Wildlife Biology Program at the University of Montana since 1995. He has received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development award, has testified to the US Congress, contributed to the 2007 IPCC Report, served on the Western Governor’s Association panel for climate change and wildlife, and was a John Simon Guggenheim Fellow.

Muhlfeld, Clint

Research Aquatic Ecologist and Research Associate Professor
Systems Ecology
USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center and The University of Montana Flathead Lake Biological Station

I am a Research Aquatic Ecologist for the USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center in Glacier National Park and Research Associate Professor at The University of Montana's Flathead Lake Biological Station. My general research interests encompass the fields of aquatic ecology, fisheries biology, and conservation biology.

Shane Vatland

Montana State University

Shepard, Brad

Senior Aquatic Scientist
North American Aquatic Program
Wildlife Conservation Society

Leads research efforts collecting broad-scale and long-term information on effects of habitat fragmentation, climate change, non-native fish, and oil and gas development on native aquatic species in the Yellowstone Rockies area. Received Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Fish and Wildlife from Montana State University and a Master’s of Science degree in Fish Resources from the University of Idaho.

Tabor, Gary

Executive Director
UM Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy
Center for Large Landscape Conservation

Gary Tabor (B.Sc. Cornell, V.M.D. U Penn, M.E.S. Yale) Executive Director of the Center for Large Landscape Conservation and Senior Fellow with the University of Montana Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy. Gary has worked on behalf of protected area, wildland conservation and ecological health in North America and abroad for 30 years with 15 years as a leader within the U.S. environmental philanthropic community. Gary has served as Program Officer of the Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge Foundation, Associate Director of the Henry P.


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