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First of four online climate science courses for teachers launches

As part of its professional development programming for science teachers, the Institute on Ecosystems is developing four online graduate courses on climate science, which, together, will form an online 12-credit graduate certificate.

State Climate Office provides critical info to Montanans

The Montana State Climate Office is online at

The newly established Montana State Climate Office is working to provide targeted water and climate information to the people of Montana.

Gas, Food and Lodging

Tony Hartshorn presents at STEM: Imagine the Future

IoE affiliate reaches key audiences with concise discussion of the carbon cycle.

Citizen Scientists help study effects of climate on elk foraging patterns

A group of citizen scientists braved foul weather to help learn about the impact of climate change on elk in the Upper Yellowstone River Basin.

Cyberinfrastructure, the behind-the-scenes capacity that enables new science

The Montana Institute on Ecosystems is building capacity to help scientists work together and address growing big data challenges through cyberinfrastructure.

Indigenous Research and STEM education

Moses Leavens

Attracting and retaining students in STEM majors, particularly Native students, begins well before they step onto campus. The Indigenous Research and STEM Education (IRSE) department at the University of Montana recognizes this and works to provide interesting opportunities for Native students from middle school through doctoral completion.

Study of climate, land use and invasive species in and near national parks yields projections on biome vulnerability

Professor Andy Hansen, Professor Steve Running and post-doc Nathan Piekielek, conducted a study on the impact of changing climate, how land is used and the presence of invasive species on Protected Area Centered Ecosystems, or PACEs, which are national parks and the area immediately around them.



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