Year 1 EPSCoR Incubation Grants - Focus 3

2011 to 2012
  • Climate change vulnerability and adaptive capacity in Montana: Using multi-scaled, iterative scenario-building and social network analysis to investigate community decision-making under uncertainty (Yung (UM), Murphy (UM), Cleveland (UM), Dobrowski (UM), Eby (UM), Lachapelle (MSU), Shanahan (MSU))
  • Montana Anthropogenic Research Cooperative (MARC) project (______)
  • Drivers of forest structure and function on tribal lands of northwestern Montana: Interactions among climate, disturbance, ecosystem legacies and management (McWethy (MSU), Leighton (SKCC), Nelson (UM), Pederson (USGS), Heyerdahl (USFS))
  • Projecting climate change in Pacific Rim rivers: landscape scale influences on salmonid vulnerability using satellite remote sensing and genomics (Luikart (UM), Kimball (UM), Stanford (UM), Duffield (UM), Landguth (UM), Poole (MSU), Payn (MSU), Izurieta (MSU), Madsen (CDKCC), Muhlfeld (USGS), Boyer (MT FWP))
  • Direct and indirect responses to herbivory in semi-arid ecosystems: indicators of vulnerability to climate and land-use changes in the High Plains region of Montana (Litt (MSU), Callaway (UM), Dobrowski (UM))
  • Landscape systems and environmental change in Western Montana: a multidisciplinary approach to hydrology, ecology, and economics ( Maneta (UM), Crabtree (UM), Kellenberg (UM), Marshall (MSU), Hebblewhite (UM), Kimball (UM))
  • Identifying the factors and interactions that drive agroecosystems over sustainability thresholds (Maxwell (MSU), Bekkerman (MSU), Rew (MSU), Barroso (MSU), Belsky (UM))
  • Examining risk and resilience in the Crown of the Continent and Greater Yellowstone ecosystems: ecological, social, and ethical dimensions of water governance under conditions of climate change ( Dunkel (MSU), Halvorson (UM), Broberg (UM), Montagne (MSU), Almquist (UM), S. Thompson (UM), Scott (UM), Lyle (ProjectWET), Muhlfeld (USGS), Madsen (CDKCC), McKay (BCC))

Project abstracts here


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