Year 1 EPSCoR Incubation Grants - Focus 2

2011 to 2012
  • Seasonality and sources of recharge water to the Nyack floodplain in relation to rates of biogeochemical processes and ecosystem function (Parker (MT-TECH), Gammons (MT-TECH), Valett (UM), Poole (MSU), Izurieta (MSU))
  • The sound of rivers (Lorang (UM), Maher (MSU), Philp (TerraEchos Inc))
  • Tree responses to drought: carbon reserves and associated trade-offs (Sala (UM), H. Thompson (UM), Kolb (UM))
  • Does watershed topography drive the response of terrestrial-aquatic ecosystems to disturbance? (_____)
  • Long-term water balance and nitrate biogeochemistry in cultivated alluvial landscapes of central Montana (Ewing (MSU), G. Shaw (MT-TECH), Brookshire (MSU), Gammons (MT-TECH), Jones (MSU), Stoy (MSU))
  • Controls on productivity and biogeochemical cycling in sub-alpine grasslands of the Northern Rocky Mountains (Brookshire (MSU), Ewing (MSU), Stoy (MSU), Weaver (MSU))

Project abstracts here


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