Scenarios of landscape-level climate change

2012 to 2015

Integration:  Create statewide scenarios of past, present and future landscape­‐level climate change by improving current downscaled GCM and regional climate model output

The project will develop an array of critical datasets for ecosystem analysis at multiple scales and disseminate the information to the other MT EPSCoR science projects. The datasets developed through this project are foundational for Focus 3 and Focus 2 projects supported by MT EPSCoR. The data will provide critical information to help analyze ecosystem impacts and adaptation to current climate trends and future climate change. The project will build a set of wall-­‐to-­‐wall, statewide datasets, then focus in on critical regions, such as the Crown of the Continent and Greater Yellowstone to build higher resolution datasets, and even isolate specific, plot level information. The team will build a complete suite of these critical datasets for use by all MT EPSCoR researchers, not as final products, but as inputs to other projects as a way to catalyze more specific and coordinated research in hydrology, aquatic biology, carbon cycle science, disturbance ecology, and wildlife habitat. Having this common foundation of climatological data and various ecosystem-­‐level simulations and output projections is critical to the EPSCoR science and will improve synergism and coordination throughout the EPSCoR science research.

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