Impacts of Invasive Pines in the Southern Hemisphere

2014 to 2015

We are comparing the impacts of invasive pines in the southern hemisphere, where no pines are native, to the impacts of pines in the northern hemisphere where pines are native and widespread.  Our initial and non-quantitative observations are than when pines escape from plantation and form stands grow to the point where canopies close, species diversity is greatly reduced in the non-native ranges in Brazil, Patagonia and New Zealand.  In the native range of North America this effect seems to be much weaker.

National & International Collaborators:

Brewer, Steve
Brooker, Rob
Bruna, Emilio
Durigan, Giselda
Fajardo, Alex
Gundale, Michael
Maluf, Flaviana
Mason, Bill
McIntosh, Anne
Pauchard, Anibal
Peltzer, Duane


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