"Our Shared Place" Summit Examines the Changing Landscape of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Our Shared Place Symposium Poster

In a recent summit hosted by the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, land managers, conservationists, researchers, and students came together to discuss the changing landscape of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). The "Our Shared Place" summit, which took place at Montana State University on April 23-24, focused on the impacts of recreation to the GYE given the rapid development and growth occurring in region, and how groups can develop solutions that allow continued recreation while preserving the region's public lands. While the primary focus of the summit was on recreation, Dr. Cathy Whitlock, lead author of the 2017 Montana Climate Assessment and MSU IoE Fellow, also presented on the impacts of climate change to the GYE. From the Bozeman Daily Chronicle: 

"The ecosystem is also facing pressure from climate change. Increased temperatures and changes in precipitation have already had impacts, including a shift in when peak runoff arrives on area rivers. Cathy Whitlock, a professor at Montana State University, said the trends are going to continue. Winters are expected to get shorter and summers are expected to get longer. That may sound pleasant to those who dislike snow, but Whitlock said longer summers will have another impact. 'That’s going to bring more visitors, more climate change refugees coming to Greater Yellowstone to get away from the heat,' she said.


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