IoE Undergraduate Summer Research Experience Students Give Final Presentations

Joshua Botti-Anderson giving research presentation

Nine MSU undergraduate students presented on their summer research experiences on Thursday, October 18 as part of the IoE's Undergraduate Summer Research Experience Program. As part of the session, each student gave a 10-minute presentation and then answered audience questions about their projects. In addition to giving a final presentation, each student in the program also completed a series of blog posts over the course of the funding period (May - July) recounting their progress and experiences; these posts can be found on the IoE blog

The students presented in the following order:

1. Aimee Heffernan (Advisors: Dr. Dave McWethy and Dr. Erik Beever): Examining the responses of American pikas to climate change in the northern Rockies

2. Stacey Robbins (Advisor: Dr. Lisa Rew):  Patterns in treeline plant community composition

3. Austin Simonpietri (Advisor: Dr. Amy Trowbrdige): Ponderosa perils

4. Kristin Katchmar (Advisor: Dr. Wendy Morrison): Delicious and diverse: Evaluating dietary diversity and understanding sustainability in Yunguilla, Ecuador

5. Joshua Botti-Anderson (Advisors: Dr. Casey Delphia and Dr. Kevin O'Neill): The diversity and abundance of cavity-nesting bees and wasps using trap-nests in urban environments in Bozeman

6. Zane Ashford (Advisor: Dr. Cathy Zabinski): Effects of invasive weeds on soil quality

7. Natalie Sturm (Advisor: Dr. Tim Seipel): Grazing in Zaouiat Ahansal, Morocco: A social-ecological system study

8. Ticha Padgett-Stewart (Advisor: Dr. Raina Plowright): Ectoparasite and endoparasite burdens of two sympatric flying fox species in Australia: Implications for Hendra virus infection

9. Lyman Dudley (Advisors: Dr. Dave McWethy and Dr. Erik Beever): No stone left unturned: Upslope range retraction of the American pika


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