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Breeding Spring Wheat for a Changing Climate

As Montana’s climate is projected to warm in the coming decades, spring wheat breeders at MSU are focusing on conventional breeding techniques to boost tolerance to drought and hotter temperatures in spring wheat varieties.

Brown and white snowshoe hares on snow at a UM research facility (L.S. Mills research photo by Jaco and Lindsey Barnard) Mapping Adaptive Hotspots for Wildlife

Recent research published in Science has identified “adaptive hot spots” for species that change their coat color in the winter from brown to white. As a changing climate leads to reduced snow cover in the winter, certain species like the snowshoe hare will be negatively impacted due to coat-color mismatch and consequently increased predation. By identifying adaptive hostpots in which brown and white-coated individuals coexist in winter, the international research team, led by Dr. L.

The research will focus on the Upper Missouri River Basin (UMRB), which refers to the Missouri River and all its tributaries upstream of Sioux City, Iowa. New article in Science features WAFERx research

A new article in Science features the Water, Agriculture, Food, Energy, Research Nexus (WAFERx) project, with a focus on the project's research into bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) in the Upper Missouri River Basin. As the impacts of climate change become more pronounced in coming years, BECCS and other negative emissions technologies are looked to as a means of avoiding dangerous future climate scenarios by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Release of "Montana's Changing Climate" Online Educational Module

MSU Academic Technology and Outreach and the Montana Institute on Ecosystems are excited to announce the release of "Montana's Changing Climate," an online educational module that allows users to explore the key sectors from the 2017 Montana Climate Assessment as well as learn more about general climate science.

MSU Seeks Geocachers for Statewide Project

Interested in geocaching? Want to learn more about Montana's climate? MSU Academic Technology & Outreach and the Montana Institute on Ecosystems have launched a statewide geocaching project linked to the 2017 Montana Climate Assessment.

Public Release of 2017 Montana Climate Assessment

The Montana Institute on Ecosystems is excited to announce the public release of the 2017 Montana Climate Assessment.

The Montana Climate Assessment (MCA) is a product of the Montana University System's Montana Institute on Ecosystems, in collaboration with the Montana Climate Office, Montana Water Center, and MSU Extension.The MCA, the first in a series of assessments, focuses on climate trends and their consequences for three of Montana's vital sectors: water, forests, agriculture. 

Montana Wheat and Barley Committee to Host Roundtable Focused on Ag Technologies

The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee (MWBC), in partnership with the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC), will host a farmers' roundtable discussion on September 14th from 1pm to 5pm at the GranTree Inn in Bozeman. 

Bruce Maxwell takes over as IoE co-Director at MSU

Dr. Bruce Maxwell, Professor of Land Resourcs and Environmental Sciences assumed the role of Director of the IoE at MSU on Sept 1, 2017. Bruce has been invovled with the IoE since inception and has extensive experience with interdisciplinary programs as MSU. He replaces Dr. Cathy Whitlock who will remain with the IoE focused on the Montana Climate Assessment.

MSU Undergraduate Interns Post Blogs

Take a look!  MSU's IoE undergraduate interns are starting to post blogs about their summers.  Their research is cool, and their dedication is inspiring.  Read Here.  

IoE Participates In Community Dialogues

"The Resilience Dialogues program provides resources and expertise to help communities build individualized plans for resilience in the face of climate change." -AGU News



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