Draft Montana Climate Assessment Public Comment Process

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Public Comment Process

The Montana Climate Assessment (MCA) invites all stakeholders to engage with the draft of its first assessment report, MCA1, through the public comment process, which is now live! Public comment is an opportunity for the community to provide input and feedback to the draft report before it is finalized for publication. The MCA1 draft for public comment will be undergoing external peer review simultaneously with the public comment period, and therefore will not yet be peer reviewed. The MCA team welcomes comments from the public on the content of the draft report with regard to its clarity, extensiveness, and usefulness. The public comment system will be accepting comments until close of business on Friday May 5, 2017.

What Happens to your Comments?

All comments received will be considered by the relevant chapter authors as they make final changes to the draft report. The authors will consider all comments submitted, but comments will not receive an official or direct response from the MCA. Rather, authors will use their expertise to incorporate or address comments within the report itself as is most appropriate. 

Comments will be catalogued for future use in evaluation of MCA1 and for future assessment activities; however, commenters' identities will not be shared with the authors of the report. No additional information submitted by a commenter as part of the registration process (such as an email address) will be disclosed publicly.

Access to the Draft Report

PDF downloads are available of the full draft report, and of individual draft chapters. These PDF documents use line numbers for each line of text within the report. This allows comments to be made on very specific details of the report by referencing the exact line number.

Please use the downloadable PDFs provided below:

Guidance for Comments

We encourage all commenters to provide constructive and honest feedback on the draft report. This includes considerations on the clarity, extensiveness, and usefulness of the current draft and suggestions for improvement. All comments on the draft report can be categorized as either “General Comments”, or “Specific Line Comments” using the online form. General comments are feedback on the entire draft report, but do not apply to any specific line of content within a chapter and so do not require a line number. Specific line comments should be used for feedback on precise issues within a particular chapter and with reference to a line number.

Please also note the following areas where the draft report will still undergo substantial modification, and therefore should not be the main focus of review comments:

  • Layout: The document is not in its final layout format, which will result in additional white space throughout. Final layout will occur post-review.
  • Figures: Graphics and figures are not in their final resolution and may include additional updates for clarity. Image rights are still being obtained for some graphics. These issues will be resolved before publication. Please feel free to make suggestions on figures hat require correction or need improvement.
  • References: All chapter references are included, but are not standardized.

To submit comments, please use the online submission form provided: Submit Comments here

If you have any issues with the submission form, or additional questions or concerns about the comment process, please contact Anna Tuttle: anna.tuttle1@montana.edu OR (406) 994-2559.


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