MCA Project Updates

Project Updates


Until May 5th, the MCA is open for public comment.  

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March 8, 2017:

The assessment is almost written and edited, and about to go out for peer review and public comment.  Stay tuned!

Four chapter authors from the MCA gave 45 minute webinars online in the month of February.  Check them out!  They are great informational videos to learn more about "Montana's Changing Climate".


November 29, 2016:

Editing, re-writing, and more editing and re-writing!  That is the theme right now.  Co-authors and some reviewers are weighing in on the chapters, and Scott is checking for consistency and fluency.  It's moving along...

Here is a photo from a recent working meeting with donuts and laptops.  These are happening often!


November 1, 2016:

The chapter drafts are in, and we are moving into review and production modes.  The team has hired Scott Bischke as our Science Writer and Editor, and Kristina Sussman as our Graphic Designer.  Reviewers are receiving drafts and providing feedback.  A tentative February date has been set for public comment.  Things are moving along!  

For now, take a look at this NOAA video explaining the winter weather predictions.  It talks about the winter we have coming up, and also the concepts behind models, predictions, and other things we will be covering in the MCA.  NOAA video

Keep in touch!


August 29, 2016:

The chapter rough drafts are almost completed!  The MCA chapter authors convened earlier this month on the Montana Tech campus in Butte to discuss final issues--making sure outlines are similar, deciding what exactly is needed from the Montana Climate Office, touching base on overlapping and common topics, and more.  Although there have been several in-person meetings and many online meetings over this past year and a half, this was the first one that gathered all lead authors and the MCA leadership team in one room.  

This fall will be a series of reviews and edits, and then the winter will have us sending the MCA out for peer review.  A website is being worked on, and stakeholder input is being considered heavily as we think about what this site will entail.  

As always, be in touch for more information!

June 27, 2016:

We are in the process of creating a list of climate efforts that are happening across the state.  This is no small task!  If you have something to include, please contact  

One example we are really digging right now is an app created by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.  Check it out here


June 16, 2016:

The MCA is currently in the process of writing assessment chapters and planning outreach efforts.  To start, the group is collecting information about climate efforts by other groups across the state--agencies, NGOs, universities, tribes, k-12, stakeholder groups, and others.  This will allow the MCA to share information about the project and coordinate where needed.  Particularly, this will help us with outreach.  We hope to partner with these groups in the summer of 2017 when the MCA comes out.  

The MSU Extended University team has also been brainstorming about k-12 resources.  Climate education is important, and making sure teachers are well-informed and knowledgeable about climate in Montana is paramount.  Some work is already being done (Climate education research, CLIMB, Extension education, etc.), and the team is excited to do more.  

If you would like more information about working with the MCA group to reach out to stakeholders or to inform your group's decisions, please be in touch!  


May 23, 2016:

The EPSCoR-funded Montana Climate Assessment aims to be a sustained, stakeholder-driven assessment of climate in Montana, and will be the state’s first such project.  The MCA will assess the potential impacts of climate change on the citizens of Montana, especially the farmers, ranchers, foresters and water users in the state.

As a team, our emphasis is placed upon understanding what changes will occur and how these changes will impact people and nature.  The goal is to provide science-based information that can support any actions needed to protect these resources. 

The MCA is intended to inform relevant decision-making and adaptation planning for a changing Montana, and this initiative builds on broad interest for stakeholder-driven climate-change information that can help ensure a productive and rewarding future for all Montanans.

So far, we have 24 individuals from two MUS institutions, one state agency, and one non-profit heavily involved in the project.  The group participated in over 40 exploratory listening sessions with stakeholders throughout the state (see complete list below) who gave input about what climate information is needed and useful ways for that information to be delivered. 

Currently, the project is wrapping up extensive literature reviews and preparing to start writing the assessment’s chapters.  This fall, the writing will go out for internal review, peer review, and public comment.  We look forward to getting this information out to Montanans via a user-friendly website, k-12 curriculum, “brown bag” lunches, seminar talks, annual stakeholder meetings, and an MCA Road Show that will travel to urban/rural/tribal communities across the state. 

Stay connected!  Join our mailing list by emailing for updates on the assessment progress, dates for brown bag lunch talks, and more.  


Exploratory Meetings--Completed Spring 2016

AERO (Alternative Resources Energy Association)

Bitterroot County Commissioner

Bitterroot Irrigation District

Bureau of Reclamation

Center for Large Landscape Conservation

Climate change specialists from MT tribes including Blackfeet and Crow

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Water Resources

Environmental Protection Agency Region 8

Governor's Chief of Staff

MT Association of Conservation Districts

MT Bureau of Mines and Geology

MT Department of Agriculture

MT Department of Agriculture

MT Department of Environmental Quality

MT Department of Livestock

MT Farm Bureau 

MT Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

MT Graingrowers Association

MT Stockgrowers Association

MT University System Extension

MT Water Quality Extension

MT Watershed Coordination Council

MT Wood Products Association

Ponderosa Advisors

Ravalli County Commissioner

The Nature Conservancy

The Wilderness Society

University of Montana, Forest Ecology Department

US Forest Service Fire Lab, Missoula

Wildlife Conservation Society




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UM IoE Office

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UM Director: Maury Valett


Montana University System

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