Grassland Resilience Working Group

MSU Grassland Resilience Working Group

The MSU Grassland Resilience Working Group acts as a hub for network building and knowledge exchange among diverse disciplines and off-campus constituencies. Our community of stakeholders includes anyone with an interest in the resilience of Montana’s rural range and grassland landscapes—including sagebrush steppe and mixed-grass prairie plant communities and the variety of introduced plant communities among them, such as cultivated crops—and the diverse social and economic systems they support. Our long-term goal is to coordinate and design integrated, interdisciplinary research and outreach programs that support long-lasting social-ecological system resilience.

Our key strategies include:

  •  A monthly seminar to share relevant research and policy observations
  •  An annual field trip-based workshop
  • Coordinated scholarship and outreach

To learn more about our members, activities, research and outreach please join our listserve by sending an e-mail to

MSU Grasslands Resilience Graduate Group

The MSU Grasslands Resilience Graduate Group, a part of the larger Working Group, is a multidisciplinary community of graduate students interested in the social and ecological elements of grassland ecosystems and communities. They share and discuss a range of social and ecological research related to grassland systems, with field trips, seminars, and other shared learning experiences comprising core components of their process.

For more information please visit the MSU Grasslands Resilience Graduate Group website



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