Water, Our Voice To The Future: Integrating TEK And Environmental Health Research To Understand And Adapt To Climate Change Impacts On Tribal Water And Health

Wed, Nov 1, 12:00 pm
126 Barnard Hall
Speaker Name: 
John Doyle and Dr. Mari Eggers
Crow Reservation and Little Big Horn College

John Doyle, a Crow Tribal member, was born, raised and has always lived on the Crow Reservation. He has worked on local water and health issues for about 35 years, including 24 years as a County Commissioner and member of the Board of Health, 15+ years as co-founder and Director of the Tribe’s Water and Wastewater Authority, 10+ years as co-founder and member of the Crow Environmental Health Steering Committee and three years as Little Big Horn College PI of the Crow Water Quality Project.   Doyle is actively involved in the Rising Voices: Collaborative Science with Indigenous Knowledge for Climate Solutions program and other national Tribal environmental health initiatives. 

Mari Eggers is a Research Scientist in environmental health at MSU and a research affiliate of Little Big Horn College (LBHC).  She taught science at Little Big Horn College and lived on the Crow Reservation with her family for a decade, before co-founding the Crow Environmental Health Steering Committee (CEHSC) with Doyle and other Tribal members. With the CEHSC, she has been conducting community-engaged environmental health research on Reservation water quality and related health issues since 2005, most recently on the effects of climate change on community health via impacts on local water quality.  Her education includes a PhD from MSU in environmental health, an MS in ecology (MSU), and an MA and BA in biological anthropology (Stanford). 

Doyle, Eggers and others are co-authors of six peer-reviewed publications on Crow water and health research, including an article in the journal Climatic Change.


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