The US Global Change Research Program and the President's Climate Action Plan: Taking science to action…

Wed, Nov 5, 12:00 pm
Procrastinator Theater MSU
Speaker Name: 
Dr. Thomas Armstrong
U.S. Global Change Research Program
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Dr. Thomas Armstrong joined the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as the Director of National Coordination for the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) in March 2011. The USGCRP was established by Presidential Initiative in 1989 and mandated by Congress in the Global Change Research Act (GCRA) of 1990 to “assist the Nation and the world to understand, assess, predict, and respond to human-induced and natural processes of global change.” The USGCRP is a confederation of the research arms of 13 Federal departments and agencies, which carry out research and develop and maintain capabilities that support the Nation’s response to global change. Dr. Armstrong will discuss the USGCRP as well as the President’s Climate Action Plan.

Dr. Armstrong previously served as the Department of the Interior's (DOI's) Senior Advisor for Climate Change and was a key figure in the implementation of Secretary Salazar's Executive Order on climate change (S.O. 3289), as well as in the development of the Department's climate change-related policies, organizational elements, and budget strategies.

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