The role of the biosphere in controlling convective precipitation in the Amazon, and maybe Montana, too

Wed, Feb 4, 12:00 pm
126 EPS (Engineering and Physical Sciences) MSU
Speaker Name: 
Paul Stoy
Montana State University - Bozeman
Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

Tropical deep convection is a central feature of the global climate system but remains poorly represented in global models. The land surface plays a critical role in the dynamics of tropical deep convection, in part due to its role in the transport of water and heat, and production of cloud condensation nuclei. These cloud condensation nuclei are a product of secondary organic aerosols, which themselves form from biogenic hydrocarbons, of which the Amazon is the largest global emitter. It is necessary to quantify the emission of biogenic hydrocarbons, the creation of secondary organic aerosols and cloud condensation nuclei, and the transport of these gases and particulates within and above the atmospheric boundary layer for a comprehensive understanding of tropical bioclimatology. Here, I will describe initial field results from part of the GoAmazon field campaign near Manaus with a focus on within and above canopy atmospheric chemistry during the wet to dry season transition. Initial results demonstrate the importance of ozone enriched downdrafts from mesoscale convective storms on atmospheric chemistry, particularly during the dry season. Opportunities for transferring knowledge to study the role of agricultural management on bioclimatology in Montana will be presented.

Paul Stoy, MSU Assistant Professor in Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, studies the surface-atmosphere exchange of carbon, trace gases, water, and energy.

Sandra Cavalieri


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