An Overview of Interdisciplinary Research

Thu, Jan 30, 3:00 pm
UM and MSU and Montana Tech
Speaker Name: 
Ric Hauer
Institute on Ecosystems

Institute on Ecosystems UM Director Ric Hauer will present an Overview of Interdisciplinary Research for students involved with or interested in the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network.

At the University of Montana, the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network (ICN) is starting a one-credit seminar series this spring. The spring semester seminar series will be focused around gaining a better understanding about interdisciplinary research and then in the fall a professional development series will include topics such as: developing your CV, job interviews, running a committee meeting, communicating your science etc.

The UM talk will be presented in 104 Gallagher and Webcast to MSU and Montana Tech; interested participants can gather in Room 126 EPS at MSU and at Montana Tech from 3:10 to 4:30. The ICN formed as a result of a collaborative effort between graduate students and faculty at UM in order to provide an instrument through which individuals in disprate fields of study and/or geographic locales can easily find opportunities to contribute to research on the same system or concept. ICN is fostering a professional network that it hopes will enhance the diversity and scope of scientific investigations within and between Montana universities.

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