American Prairie Reserve: Restoring America's Serengeti

Wed, Sep 5, 12:00 pm
126 Barnard Hall
Speaker Name: 
Dr. Kyran Kunkel
American Prairie Reserve

Dr. Kyran Kunkel is American Prairie Reserve’s (APR) Director of Wildlife Restoration and Science. His role involves working with APR's staff and a wide range of collaborators to restore the natural abundance of the Northern Plains creating the largest wildlife reserve and wildlife restoration project in US history. This includes restoring APR lands according to the Freese Scale for Grassland Biodiversity, which he co-created with Dr. Curt Freese and Dr. Sam Fuhlendorf, and directing an innovative program of research, conservation, and citizen science activity.

Before joining APR full time, Dr. Kunkel worked with APR as a contractor to initiate our bison restoration program through collaborative efforts with World Wildlife Fund, where he served as a Senior Fellow. He has led a wide range of efforts including cougar conservation, swift fox reintroduction, wolf research, and tracking pronghorn migration routes. Earlier in his career, he studied moose, wolverines, and grizzly and black bears as the regional wildlife biologist for the Alaska Region of the National Park Service, and he has also served as the Senior Biologist for the Turner Endangered Species Fund, where he led the largest and most successful bighorn sheep restoration project ever completed in New Mexico. Kyran remains as an Affiliate Professor in the Wildlife Biology Program at the University of Montana. He is also a Research Associate at the Smithsonian Institution.


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