IoE Integration Meeting: Social-Ecological Systems

Tue, Feb 4, 12:00 pm to Wed, Feb 5, 12:00 pm
Fairmont Hot Springs

Working meeting to explore opportunities and projects that can bring integrated social science components to ongoing IoE and MT-EPSCoR research programs.  This is an annual IoE integration meeting, each focused on a specific topic.


1. Ric Hauer (UM, Professor of Limnology and UM IoE Director)
2. Ray Callaway (UM; Professor, Division of Biological Sciences and EPSCoR Director)
3. Gay Allison (UM; IoE)
4. Kelly Dixon (UM, Associate Professor of Anthropology)
5. Katrina Mullan (UM, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics)
6. Helen Naughton (UM, Associate Professor, Department of Economics)
7. Libby Metcalf (will share room) (UM, Assistant Professor of Parks Tourism & Recreation Mgt)
8. Jakki Mohr (will share room) (UM, Professor, Department of Management and Marketing)
9. Maury Valett (UM, Professor of Systems Ecology)

10. Cathy Whitlock (MSU, Professor or Earth Sciences and MSU IoE Director )
11. Todd Kipfer (MSU; EPSCoR)
12. Sandra Cavalieri (MSU; IoE)
13. Julia Haggerty (MSU, Assistant Professor of Geography)
14. Andy Hansen (MSU, Director, Landscape Biodiversity Lab)
15. Jerry Johnson (MSU, Professor Political Sciences)
16. Eric Raile (MSU, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Political Science)
17. Jamie McEvoy (MSU, Assistant Professor of Geography)
18. Fabian Menalled (MSU, Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Extension)
19. Michael Reidy (MSU, Associate Professor of History)
20. Linda Young (MSU, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science)

21. Susan Gilbertz (Billings, Director of Environmental Studies)
22. David McGinnis (Billings)

23. Diana Liverman (Distinguished Guest)





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MSU Director: Bruce Maxwell

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UM Director: Maury Valett


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