Upcoming Events

October 2017

IoE Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series: We Altered Global Climate Long Before You Thought We Did
Date: Tue, Oct 3, 7:00 pm
Speaker: Dr. William Ruddiman
Location: Museum of the Rockies - Hagar Auditorium
IoE Rough Cut Science: Did Carbon Storage In Boreal Peats Initiate Previous Glaciations?
Date: Wed, Oct 4, 12:00 pm
Speaker: Dr. William Ruddiman
Location: Byker Auditorium - Chemistry Building MSU
IoE Rough Cut Science: Restoration Implications of Ecological Stability In The Sagebrush Steppe
Date: Wed, Oct 11, 12:00 pm
Speaker: Dr. Matt Lavin
Location: 126 Barnard Hall
IoE Rough Cut Science: Advances In Do-It-Yourself Remote Sensing
Date: Wed, Oct 18, 12:00 pm
Speaker: Dr. Scott Powell
Location: 126 Barnard Hall
IoE Rough Cut Science: Evaluating Whitebark Pine Management Alternatives Under Climate Change
Date: Wed, Oct 25, 12:00 pm
Speaker: Dr. Kathryn Ireland
Location: 126 Barnard Hall


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