Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Tue, Sep 27, 7:00 pm
University Center Theater
Speaker Name: 
Dr. William Schlesinger
Cary Institute on Ecosystem Studies

Dr. William Schlesinger will be giving a public talk on the University of Montana campus on Thursday, September 27th at 7pm. He will be sharing experiences from 30 years of work, he will discuss population growth, economic growth, and the implications for natural habitats, biodiversity, and the planet. 

Dr. Schlesinger is the President Emeritus of the Cary Institute on Ecosystem Studies, coauthor of over 200 scientific papers on subjects of environmental chemistry and global change, author of the widely-adopted textbook Biogeochemistry: An analysis of global change (Academic Press, 2nd ed. 1997), and has penned editorials and columns in the Charlotte Observer, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Raleigh News and Observer.  A graduate of Dartmouth College (A.B.) and Cornell University (PhD.), he has been investigating the link between environmental chemistry and global climate change for over 30 years. His recent work focuses on understanding how trees and soil influence atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

His past work has taken him to diverse habitats, ranging from Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia to the Mojave Desert of California, and three times as a Duke alumni tour guide to Antarctica. His research has been featured on NOVA, CNN, NPR, and on the pages of Discover, National Geographic, the New York Times, and Scientific American. Schlesinger has testified before U.S. House and Senate Committees on a variety of environmental issues, including preservation of desert habitats, global climate change and carbon sequestration.

To learn more about Dr. Schlesinger, click here.  


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