IoE Outreach Opportunity for June

Mon, Jun 17 (All day) to Fri, Jun 21 (All day)

Here's a chance to share your research as part of an upcoming outreach
project (and possibly fulfill some of your IoE/EPSCoR outreach requirements).

From June 17-21, the IOE outreach team is conducting a week-long workshop
for gifted middle school students. The workshop is part of the Peaks &
Potentials camp and takes place on the MSU campus. The session is called
"Climate in My Backyard" and is designed to cover all aspects of IOE
research. Here's how you can participate (choose any or all):

--Create an activity, demonstration or presentation that encompasses an
aspect of your work for middle school students.

--Be a guest speaker during the workshop person or by Skype. The
workshop meets from 8:30 to 10am, M-F, June 17-21.

--Invite the students (approx. 12) into your lab during one of the workshop
sessions that week (MSU campus only)

--Invite some of your graduate students / lab team members to participate.

For any of these strategies, the outreach team will work with you to shape
your content for the audience. Our goal is to not just host this one-week
camp, but to develop activities and content that can be packaged and shared
with other institutions around Montana. This could become an IOE climate
science kit that could be used at schools, camps, museums, youth groups,
etc. and expand our outreach throughout Montana.

Contact Suzi Taylor with MSU Extended University: (406) 994-7957 or 

Contact Suzi Taylor with MSU Extended University: (406) 994-7957 or


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