EPSCoR GYE Climate Vulnerability Field Trip (Hansen)

Mon, Aug 20 (All day) to Tue, Aug 21 (All day)
Yellowstone National Park

Goal: Further develop a team of MSU scientists to better meet the objectives of the EPSCoR Research Theme 3 Initiative and capitalize on Northern Rockies NEON sites.


  1. Review the current climate vulnerability related activities of MSU and YNP scientists to summarize current efforts.
  2. Identify questions, approaches, and teams that could allow us to move to the next level in understanding of climate vulnerability in the Northern Rockies and in developing management approaches.
  3. Evaluate the potential of the Northern Rockies NEON sites for forwarding our work on climate vulnerability.
  4. Identify and evaluate opportunities for proposals, workshops, education activities to forward this next level of work.


  • Day 1: Meet at MSU and visit NEON and other research sites in Bozeman and in the Paradise Valley enroute to YNP. Check into hotel rooms in Gardiner.
  • Day 2: Go to the field to see the YNP NEON sites and other field sites.
  • Day 3: Meet indoors to finalize discussions on objectives 2-4. Return to Bozeman.


  • Lisa Baril - NPS
  • Jack Brookshire - MSU
  • Tony Chang - MSU
  • Wyatt Cross - MSU
  • Virginia Kelly - GYCC
  • Todd Kipfer - IoE MSU
  • Rick Lawrence - MSU
  • Andrea Litt - MSU
  • Bruce Maxwell - MSU
  • Dave McWethy - MSU
  • Geoff Poole - MSU
  • Scott Powell - MSU
  • Roy Renkin - YNP
  • Ann Rodman - YNP
  • Liz Shanahan - MSU
  • Paul Stoy - MSU
  • Cathy Whitlock - IoE MSU
Andy Hansen


MSU IoE Office

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MSU Director: Bruce Maxwell

UM IoE Office

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UM Director: Maury Valett


Montana University System

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