Climate Change Through 2013

Tue, Apr 17, 11:00 am to Wed, Apr 18, 12:00 pm
GranTree Inn Bozeman MT

"Climate change through 2013 and its effect on agriculture will be the focus of this year's keynote address at the Montana Nutrition Conference and Livestock Forum in Bozeman. The annual conference will begin the afternoon of April 17 and run through the morning of April 18 at the GranTree Inn. Simon Atkins, an atmospheric scientist and climate economist who heads a think-tank in planetary risk management, will give the Grieco Beef Cattle Lecture the evening of Wednesday, April 17. Atkins is CEO of Advanced Forecasting Corporation which advises more than 20 industries, Fortune 500 businesses, investors, and other individuals affected by natural-based perils. Other conference speakers will explain key drivers behind record-high cattle prices; beef cattle fertility, targeted sheep grazing of noxious weeds, matching cow herds to resources, poisonous plants that affect horses and livestock, a systems approach to range management, and GIS mapping to evaluate grazing. The conference is organized by Rachel Endecott and others in Montana State University's Department of Animal and Range Science. Cost to attend both days of the conference is $80. Attending one day only costs $55 for Tuesday and $35 for Wednesday. To register, call (406) 994-3414, send an email to or write Anita Gray, P.O. Box 172820, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717."



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