Undergraduate Research

IoE Undergraduate Summer Research Experience

The IoE Undergraduate Summer Research Experience program is designed to support undergraduate research in the fields of ecology, evolution, ecosystem sciences or conservation biology, with a focus on the following research areas:

  • Population, community, and ecosystem processes, including genomic influences
  • Linkages between landscape patterns and ecosystem processes
  • Impacts of climate change on ecosystems
  • Relationships between social and ecological systems

Seventeen students across the Montana University System (MUS) were selected to receive support from this program in 2018. 

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Heidi Abresch
UM, Humanities & Sciences
Control of nitrogen fixation in a cyanobacterium-diatom symbiosis: implications for nitrogen availability in Montana rivers

Carly Andlauer
UM, Forestry & Conservation
Longitudinal distribution of primary producers in the Upper Clark Fork River: influences of hydrogeomorphic factors

Zane Ashford
MSU, Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

Plant soil feedbacks and effects of monocultures on soil quality in the Bitterroot Valley

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Joshua Botti-Anderson
MSU, Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

Diversity and abundance of bees and wasps using trap nests in urban environments in Bozeman, MT

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Lyman Dudley
MSU, Earth Sciences

Interactions between topography, climate, and stress in American pikas across Southwestern Montana

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Lochlin Ermatinger
MSU/UM, Forestry & Conservation 
Consequences of recreation on alpine water quality

Aimee Heffernan
MSU, Ecology

Assessing the relationship between stress and climate change across Southwestern Montana in the American pika

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Mateen Hessami
UM, Forestry & Conservation
Estimating juvenile recruitment for a large herbivore utilizing remote cameras in the Canadian Rockies

Leif Howard
UM, Forestry & Conservation
Relationship of tolerance level and dispersal ability to post-fire macroinvertebrate recovery rates

Kristin Katchmar
MSU, Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

Assessing the sustainability of the local food system in Yunguilla, Ecuador

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Ticha Padgett-Stewart
MSU, Microbiology & Immunology

Correlating ectoparasite and endoparasite abundance with Hendra virus infection

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Stacey Robbins
MSU, Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

Evaluating patterns of plant and mycorrhiza along the treeline

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Chris Rotar
UM, Forestry & Conservation
Tracking forest fire impacts on stream temperatures and ensuing shifts in the salmonid community

Trey Sasser
UM, Forestry & Conservation
The effect of predation pressure and metabolic rate on home range size

Austin Simonpietri
MSU, Ecology

Piñon pine volatile chemical defenses against bark beetles under drought

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Natalie Sturm
MSU, Land Resources & Environmental Sciences
Sheep grazing in the Zouiate Ahansal community of the High Atlas mountains in Morocco



Map of 2018 IoE undergraduate student research locations

Map illustrating where 2018 IoE undergraduate students will be conducting research


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