Graduate Research

IoE Graduate Research and Enhancement Awards

The IoE Graduate Enhancement Award program is designed to support graduate students in environmental sciences or related fields who need specific assistance for summer research, travel, publication support, etc., or who would like to convene a meeting, conference, or special project. In 2017, 22 students were awarded funding to assist with the above activities.

Subodh Adhikari
Land Resources & Environmental Sciences
Effects of No-Till Conventional, Tilled Organic and Integrated-Crop-Livestock Organic Row Crop Productions on Ground Beetle (Carabidae) Community Structures

Peter Billman
Earth Sciences
Response of Montana Wildlife to Hydrologic Climate Variables

Kathleen Carroll
Modeling Current and Future Wolverine Habitat Under Various Climate and Human Land-Use Change Scenarios

Timothy Clute
Linking Precipitation Patterns and Access to Soil Water to Susceptibility to Hydraulic Failure Among Montana Conifers

Kristen Emmett
Interpreting Climate, Disturbance, and Management Interactions on Greening Trends in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Katie Epstein
Earth Sciences
The Amenity Migration and Elk Management in the Greater Yellowstone 

Vinicius Ferreira
Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
Unraveling the High Diversity in a Sexually Dimorphic Case of Extreme Neotenous Beetles in Puerto Rico

Will Glenny
Carbon Dioxide and Drought Alter Plant-Pollinator Interactions Through Sight and Scent

Devin Jones
Microbiology & Immunology
Diversity and Dynamics of Coronaviruses in North American Bats

Maureen Kessler 
Assessing the Health and Behavior Responses of Australian Flying Foxes to Changing Environmental Conditions

Carson Langston
Land Resources & Environmental Sciences
Ecology of Invasive Plants in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Xiangmei Li
Earth Sciences
State Interventions into Rangeland Ecosystems, Livelihood Changes, and Regional Resilience - A Case STudy of Changtang Plateau, Tibet

Miranda Margetts
Land Resources & Environmental Sciences
Presence and Environmental Implications of Pharmaceuticals in MT and NV Waterways

Jennifer McCarty
Influence of Thermal Variation on Life History Traits and Production of Aquatic Insects Across a Mountain Riverscape

Megan Moore
Earth Sciences
Beaver-Related Restoration Projects and Public Perception: A Case Study of Blacktail Creek, Montana

Colin Quinn
Earth Sciences
Influence of Forest Cover on the Magnitude and Variability of Sediment Storage on Mountain Slopes in the Bitterroot Mountains of Western Montana

Erin Smith
Health & Human Development
Perceived Effects of Climate Change on Wild Biodiversity: Implications for Food Security Among Community Members of the Flathead Native American Reservation

Erich Spiessberger
Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
Revision, Life History and Phylogenetic Analysis of Cryptozoon and "Prototyrtaeus"

Meryl Storb
Land Resources & Environmental Sciences
Impacts of Development and Climate Change on Alpine Stream Ecosystems

James Waxe
Identification of Greater Sage-Grouse Wintering Habitats in the Centennial Valley Using Stable Isotopes

Ethan Wologo
Land Resources & Environmental Sciences
Use of Geochemical Tracers to Understand Groundwater Hydrology

Nickolas Zeibig-Kichas
Earth Sciences
Reconstruction of Wildfire Histories Across the Flathead Indian Reservation in Northwestern Montana



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