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Stacey Robbins - May 2018

My name is Stacey Robbins and I will begin my junior year at MSU this fall in the Land Resources and Environmental Sciences department with a focus in land rehabilitation.  This summer, I am studying how patterns of plant and soil mycorrhiza effect tree establishment along a tree line, with Dr.

Ticha Padgett-Stewart - May 2018

Hi! I am Ticha Padgett-Stewart and I am a Junior studying Microbiology at MSU. This summer I am working on a disease ecology project under the guidance of Dr. Raina Plowright in the Microbiology and Immunology department. Disease ecology is the study of how environmental and behavioral factors can impact the transmission of disease through a single given species, or even through multiple species. The pathogen I will be focusing on for this project is Hendra virus.

Kristin Katchmar - May 2018

Hola a todos! Me llamo Kristin Katchmar y soy estudio agroecology. (Hello everyone! My name is Kristin Katchmar and I am a student of agroecology.) I am a student at Montana State University in the Land Resources and Environmental Sciences Department. My internship consists of a four-week course in Ecuador with a group of 12 women and my advisor Wendy Bianchini.

Aimee Heffernan - May 2018

I currently call Bozeman, Montana home but I was born and raised in Bloomington, Minnesota, I am majoring in Fish & Wildlife Management and have just finished my third year at Montana State University. I moved West for school but I stayed for the amazing people I found here and all of the activities the mountains offer. This summer I will be working with the Earth Sciences department under Dr. Dave McWethy and Dr. Erik Beever from the USGS. I will also be alongside Peter Billman, a graduate student, and Lyman Dudley, a fellow IoE recipient.

Joshua Botti-Anderson - May 2018

In the public eye, bees are typically seen as faithful servants of humans, producing honey and pollinating crops, their home a carefully managed box in which the population of collaborating workers numbers in the tens of thousands. On the other hand, wasps have gained a largely negative reputation; the very word conjures up images of angry, stinging swarms of yellow-jackets, ready to wreak havoc on the next suburban barbeque. These common perceptions, however, disregard a group of insects that are in fact very beneficial and peaceful towards humans: the solitary bees and wasps.



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