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Austin Simonpietri - June 2018

Between May 15th to June 15th I have been moving between lab work, field work and experimental set up for projects related to chemical ecology. 

Ticha Padgett-Stewart - June 2018

I have been in Australia for around three weeks now and field work started almost as soon as I got here! Field work for my project is split into two separate sampling events, under roost sampling and actually catching bats. Under-roost sampling is the process of collecting urine and fecal samples from plastic sheets laid out beneath the bats roost. These samples are non-specific, meaning they can give us information about bats in the roost as a community, but we can't link any sample to a certain bat.

Kristin Katchmar - June 2018

I have just returned to the United States from Ecuador. All my data collection is officially wrapped up so I am now entering the data processing stage of my project. Before I get into what that will look like. I wanted to give you all a short summary of what my time in Yunguilla, Ecuador was like.

Lyman Dudley - June 2018

The summer field sampling season will really get underway for me in mid-June, as I head off with my team to our first extended (four week) sampling trip. However, in May, we took a shorter (five day) training trip to the Donkey Hills in Idaho. On this trip, we learned how to spot signs of pika occupancy in a talus patch, how to fill out a data sheet, and how to use our sampling equipment (GPS, range finder, finding aspect with a compass, etc…).

Natalie Sturm - June 2018

Many afternoons during my time in Zawiya Ahansal, Morocco were spent sampling plants.  For this project, plant sampling involved recording every plant species present in pre-determined, 100 square meter rectangles.  A fellow student on the trip had determined these rectangles (or “points”) for his own vegetation project, and since the points were all in areas that are grazed by sheep and goats, I was able to help him and collect data for my project as well.



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