New Faculty Hire: Julia Haggerty

Julia Haggerty

Julia Haggerty is an assistant professor of geography in the Earth Sciences Department at Montana State University. She studies rural resource geography with a focus on environmental governance and drivers of rural growth and change. Haggerty has a diverse background that includes a PhD in history from the University of Colorado, post-doctoral research in New Zealand, and five years as a professional policy analyst for a regional economics think tank.


Most recently, Haggerty’s research has focused on the dilemmas of energy development for rural areas that host large scale enterprises, including power generation, transmission, and fossil fuel extraction. She has conducted longitudinal research on social and economic impacts of energy development in the Western United States. Her current energy research focuses on how policy, regulatory models and institutional design shape the outcomes of energy development at the local scale.


Haggerty has extensive experience using mixed qualitative and quantitative methods to document rural resource use changes and their impacts on individuals and communities. Her past work has considered the implications of changes in ranchland ownership in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem as well as agricultural intensification and freshwater resource management in New Zealand.


Haggerty is currently working to grow the geography emphasis in the Department of Earth Sciences by developing new courses and recruiting graduate students. With support from the IoE, she has been active in discussions pursuing new social science collaborative approaches to critical topics in Montana’s future, including the impacts of energy policy choices and climate vulnerability in rural areas.


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