Rosenberg, Edward

Professor of Chemistry
The University of Montana - Missoula
Professional Summary: 

Edward Rosenberg - Professor of Chemistry

Office Location: Chem 301A
Office Telephone: 406-243-2592
Current Position:
Currently Dr Rosenberg serves as the undergraduate advisor for incoming chemistry majors and for Chemistry Majors and Biochemistry Majors.

Dr Rosenberg is the Director of the "Hydrogen and the Environment ," project on the 2007-2010 NSF-EpSCoR Grant

He is also the co-director of the Center for Advanced Supramolecular and Nano-Science )(CASANS).

Currently, vice Chair of the Separation Science Subdivision, of the American Chemical Society

Edward Rosenberg came to UM in August of 1993 from California State University, Northridge. He earned his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1970 under the supervision of Professor J.J. Zuckerman. He carried out postdoctoral research under the directorship of Dr. E.W. Randall at Queen Mary College of the University of London and at the California Institute of Technology under the directorship of Professor J.D. Roberts. He has been Visiting Scientist at the University of Turin in Italy since 1974. Edward Rosenberg is an inorganic chemist with strong interests in organometallic compounds with biological activity and in the development of advanced materials for metal ion separations and recovery from acid mine leaches and drainages and industrial waste streams. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in inorganic and organometallic chemistry. He also teaches field oriented course entitled "Industrial Chemistry and its Impact on Society.

Office Hours:
MWF 2-3 PM

Field Of Study:

Organometallic Chemistry

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Materials Science


Research Interests:
There are three current areas of research in the Rosenberg group. The first involves the design and development of new silica polyamine composite materials for applications in the mining industry and in metal ion remediation of industrial and acid mine drainage waste streams. This research involves synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and applications testing of new materials designed to be selective for a given metal or group of metal cations and anions. This new technology is currently the basis for a new company, Purity Systems Inc. The applications of these composite materials is constantly expanding into new environmental areas, viral capture and green chemical catalysis.

The second area of research involves the development of new synthetic methods for functionalizing biologically important molecules such as DNA and proteins using the unusual properties of trinuclear metal clusters. This research involves organic and organometallic synthesis, extensive use of nuclear and electron magnetic resonance spectroscopies and the use of labeling experiments to understand reaction mechanism. The new organometallic Bio-Markers produced are screened for biological activity through collaborations with the industry. The aim of this research is to develop highly selective binding of metal clusters to bio macromolecules that can directly visualized by electron microscopy and used to gain phase information from X-ray diffraction experiments.

Recently we have embarked on a new project involving the development of lifetime tunable metal based probes for studying the dynamics of biomacromolecules with time resolved, single molecule flourescence techniques. This work is being conducted in collaboration with Professor Ross of the UM Chemistry Department and research groups in the Piedmont Region of Italy.

Professor Rosenberg's research is currently supported by Halcyon Molecular and the National Science Foundation.

NEW: Chem 445 Industrial Chemistry and Its Impact on Society

Chem 403 Descrptive Inorganic Chemistry

Chem 455 Inorganic Chemistry Lab

Chem 553 Inorganic Chemistry Graduate Component

Chem 568 Organometallics





B. S. City College of New York

Ph D Cornell University

Teaching Experience:
Dr Rosenberg has been teaching graduate and undergraduate chemistry courses in organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry for 35 years.

Selected Publications:

Varadharajan Kailasam, Edward Rosenberg* and Daniel Nielsen “Characterization of Surface Bound Zr(IV) and its Application to Removal of As(V) and As(III) from Aqueous Systems using Phosphonic Acid Modified Nano-porous Silica Polyamine Composites” Industrial & Engineering Chemical Research (2009) 48, 3991-4001

151. Daniel Nielsen, Jeff Mckenzie, Joel Clancy, Edward Rosenberg “High flow metal recovery from acid mine drainage using modified silica polyamine technology,” Chimica Oggi (2009) 26, 42.

152. Jesse Allen, Edward Rosenberg, Michele R. Chierotti, Roberto Gobetto,” Surface Oxidation of Co2+ and Its Dependence on Ligand Coordination Number in Silica Polyamine Composites,” Inorganica Chimica Acta (2010) 363, 617-624.

153 Ayesha Sharmin , Reuben C. Darlington ,Kenneth I. Hardcastle, Mauro Ravera, Edward Rosenberg, J. B. Alexander Ross “Tuning Photophysical Properties with Ancillary Ligands in Ru(II) Mono-Diimine Complexes,” J. Organmetal. Chem. (2009) 694, 988-1000.

154. Yuen Onn Wong, Paul Miranda≠ and Edward Rosenberg “Metal Coordination and Selectivity with Oxine Ligands Bound to Silica Polyamine,” J. Applied Polymer Science (2010), 115(5), 2855-286.

155. E.A. Karakhanov, A. L. Maksimov, O. V. Zatolochnaya, E. Rosenberg, M. Hughes, V. Kailasam

Hybrid Macromolecular Iron and Copper Complexes in the Phenol Hydroxylation Reaction Chem .2009, 49, 107.

Member the American Chemical Society, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Division , Separations Science Subdivision, Inorganic Division, Organometallic Subdivision.

Chair of the Separations Subdivision Chair

Editorial Advisory Board for:

Journal of Cluster Science

Journal of Applied Organometallic Chemsitry

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research

Professional Experience:
35 years of University Teaching

Fellowships awarded by:

The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Emory University

University of Turin, Italy

Recipient of grants from:

National Science Foundation, Department of Energy

Montana Board of Research and Commercialization Technology

Industrial Consultant to Johnson-matthey 1982-1984

Industrial Consultant to Purity Systems Inc 1991-present

Industrial Consultant to Halcyon Molecular 2008-2009


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