Gerlach, Robin

Associate Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering/Center for Biofilm Engineering
Montana State University - Bozeman
Professional Summary: 

Robin Gerlach is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering in the College of Engineering at Montana State University-Bozeman (MSU).

He is associated with the interdisciplinary Center for Biofilm Engineering a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center, the Thermal Biology Institute a multidisciplinary team of scientists studying the unique thermal environment within Yellowstone National Park, as well as the Molecular BioSciences Program at MSU.
Dr. Gerlach is also the director of the Environmental and Biofilm Mass Spectrometry Facility in the College of Engineering.

In general, his research focuses on the development of beneficial biofilm technologies. His current research focuses on biofilm-enhanced carbon sequestration, transport of bacteria and biofilm formation in porous media, the use of biofilms for environmental remediation and bioenergy applications, as well as algal biofuel research.
Classical (culture-based) and modern (molecular) techniques are used in his laboratories to understand microbial ecology, community structure, and microbial activities as they relate to biotic and abiotic processes that influence the fate of compounds in the environment.
Fundamental scientific inquiries are utilized to develop the basis for new and improved as well as more sustainable technology development.


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