D’Andrilli, Juliana

Assistant Research Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Center for Biofilm Engineering
Montana State University
Professional Summary: 

Oct 2014 – Current: Assistant Research Professor in the Chemical and Biological Engineering and Center for Biofilm Engineering departments at Montana State University.

Jan 2014 – Oct 2014: Research Scientist working in the Foreman Research Lab for the Center for Biofilm Engineering at MSU.

2012 – 2014: Postdoctoral research associate on the replicate ice coring WAIS divide project: PI Christine M. Foreman.

2010 – 2012: Postdoctoral research associate on a West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide multidisciplinary project.  PIs Christine M. Foreman and John C. Priscu for the Center for Biofilm Engineering and the Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences at MSU.

My research interests include the evolution of organic matter (OM) in marine, terrestrial, and glacial ecosystems by investigating its quality, quantity, and other environmental contributing biological and geochemical factors to better understand the impact of OM in a changing climate over various time scales.  Microorganisms utilize and produce OM during microbial metabolism which then releases pertinent greenhouse gasses to the surrounding environments and atmosphere, thus a link exists between microbes, the quality and quantity of OM, and how the processing of OM affects the world around us.  To better understand how OM evolves, a combination of bulk and molecular level analytical instrument is required.  In the Foreman Research Lab, we have exclusively focused on investigating the chemical nature of OM in various environments by Excitation Emission Matrix Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry at high magnetic field.  Since OM is woven in a web of related environmental factors (e.g., microbes, nutrients, trace elements, terrestrial inputs, etc.), it is advantageous and necessary to collaborate with interdisciplinary scientists to gain a better understanding of the OM contribution to the global carbon cycle and its implications for the future.


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